road home

Band Info

ROAD HOME is an up and coming band based out of the San Antonio, Texas area. We blend Country, Americana, and Rock into a very unique experience. Introspective lyrics and catchy “stick in your mind for days” melodies are hallmarks of the distinctive ROAD HOME sound.

ROAD HOME derives its name from one of Kevin’s original songs, entitled “This Road Goes Home”. This song describes someone who has left the comforts of home and ventured out onto the Road toward his dreams. He realizes that the Road is a lonely and harsh place, and is tempted to just take the next exit, hang a u-turn, and head back home. The protagonist refuses this easy choice, and then “…turned the music way up high, to forget about what I’ve left behind…”. He then continues on the road to chase his dreams. Are you on the Road?

Kevin Harwi – Vocals, Guitars

Kevin Harwi is from San Antonio, Texas where he started his dream to be a country musician. He has performed with local bands like Myer Anderson and Robert Demel. Kevin draws inspiration from musicians like Brad Paisley, Gary Allen, and Alan Jackson. Kevin plays Takamine, Segal, and Fender Stratocaster guitars.

Wayne Barnhart – Guitars

Wayne Barnhart grew up in Odessa, TX and now resides in Corpus Christi, TX. Wayne started playing guitar at an early age and he has played in a variety of Heavy Metal and Rock bands over the years. Wayne has many influences from Steve Vai to Alex Skolnick and Zakk Wylde. Wayne plays Ibanez guitars and Egnater amps.

Thomas Scruggs – Bass Guitar

Thomas Scruggs grew up in Odessa, Texas and started his lifelong musical journey playing mandolin at age 6, learned the violin at age 10, picked up the electric bass at 15 and has been laying down grooves ever since. Thomas listens to a wide variety of musicians and musical styles, and credits diverse musicians such as Paul McCartney, Sting, Paul Simon, Les Claypool for influencing his sound.

Mark McCoy – Drums and Percussion

Mark McCoy was born and raised in San Antonio and has played drums and percussion in several bands throughout the years, ranging from the “heavy lounge” of Gnat King Kong to funk to rock to country. Mark plays Gretsch drums, Vic Firth sticks, and Paiste cymbals.